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Divya Arogya vati 40 gm


Improves healthNatural anti-bio-ticAnti-viral propertiesSupports skinStrengthening the immune system..

Patanjali Arogyavarshini Vati 20 Gm


Useful in skinUseful in liver disorders..

Patanjali Chitrakadi Vati 20 Gm


Useful in poor appetiteUseful in indigestion..

Patanjali Jwarnashak Vati


Beneficial in coughBeneficial in Cold..

Patanjali Kaishore Guggul


Useful in gout & skin problem...

Patanjali Kanchnar Guggul


Beneficial in stones in KidneyUrinary Tract Infections..

Patanjali Kayakalp Vati


Purifies the blood Helpful in skin diseases..

Patanjali Lakshadi Guggul 20 Gm


Useful in fractures & osteoporosis...